We have more than 1,000 conference interpreters at your disposal, for all language combinations and for all specialities.C.I.R will assist you in the organisation of your congresses, with customised assistance and advice while maintaining professional secrecy.

  • Simultaneous interpretation: the interpreter instantly translates the speaker’s speech, in most cases we provide you with complete technical equipment (more information in the equipment rental section).
  • Consecutive interpretation: the interpreter interprets the speaker’s speech at a given time interval, normally 10 minutes.
  • Business interpretation: the interpreter will liaise between participants in a small committee meeting, such as a working group or a trade negotiation.
  • Guided tours: during events such as training, factory tours, exhibitions, cultural events.

C.I.R can meet your needs anywhere in the world, thanks to its foreign hubs.

Our interpreters are specialised in various fields, depending on your needs, we set up a team that is specialised in the topics to be covered.

  • Banking, economic, political, legal, construction, communication, human resources, advertising, history, art and culture, agriculture, security, medical, automotive, oil sector, etc.
  • Luxury: perfume, cosmetics, skincare, haute couture, jewellery, accessories.
  • Product launch with interpreters with many years of experience for big luxury brands and the installation of discreet technical equipment.