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Equipment Rental for Events

The C.I.R. agency specialises in the rental of technical equipment for any event.

We work with professionals, local authorities and associations throughout France and across Europe.

A wide selection of technical equipment

We rent a wide range of technical equipment for your events. Regardless of the size of your room, we offer a complete service including sound, lights, video projectors and much more.

If necessary, we can also provide other equipment such as:

  • For the speaker: a wireless microphone, a lapel microphone, a swan neck microphone, a clip-on microphone and a table-mounted microphone.
  • For the participant: a receiver, a headset…

We can also set up an entire network for multiple language combinations, as simultaneous interpretation often requires the installation of a translation booth.

The supply of the transmission device is provided by us and our interpreters will demonstrate the same dexterity as during a physical performance.
Equipment Rental Paris

High-performance equipment for your various events

You can also hire our agency for other events such as small group meetings, guided tours, press releases, etc. We provide you with a light and discreet system, easy to use in UHF (Ultra High Frequency), with the option of multiple language combinations and without requiring the intervention of a technician.

The package includes a microphone, receivers or earphones for interpreters and a battery pack when booking more than two days or more. We also offer effective translation and interpretation services for a customised service.

Equipment Rental Paris
Equipment Rental Paris

Our strengths

  • Experience
  • Responsiveness and availability
  • Competence and reliability
  • Professional and adaptable equipment
Equipment Rental Paris

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