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Conference equipment rental in Paris

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COMMUNICATION INTERNATIONALE ROZBROJ in Paris specialises in renting out technical equipment for conferences and other international events.

We cater to professionals, communities and associations in France, Switzerland, Luxembourg and all over Europe.

Conference equipment for rent in Paris

We rent a wide range of technical equipment for conferences and for any other international event requiring translation. Whatever the size of your room, we offer the total package, including sound system, lights, projectors and more.
If needed, we can also provide other equipment:

  • For the speaker: HF Main microphone, tie microphone, gooseneck microphone, headset microphone, tabletop microphone.
  • For the participant : Receiver, headset...

As simultaneous interpretation often requires setting up a translation booth, we can also handle the infrastructure for multiple language combinations.

We supply the transmission equipment to ensure that your conference in Paris runs smoothly.
Conference Equipment Rental Paris

Efficient equipment for your events in Paris

You can also count on our agency for other events such as small meetings, guided tours, press releases, etc. We provide you with a light and discreet system, easy to use in UHF (Ultra High Frequency), with multiple possible language combinations and without the need for a technician.

The kit includes a microphone interpreter and receivers or earpieces and a charging case for a minimum of two days. In terms of personal support, we also offer efficient translation and interpreting services.

In addition to conference equipment, we also supply lighting equipment for rental. Contact our company in Paris.

Conference Equipment Rental Switzerland
Conference Equipment Rental Luxembourg

Our strengths

  • Experience
  • Responsiveness and availability
  • Competence and reliability
  • Professional and adaptable equipment
Conference Equipment Rental Switzerland

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