French to Spanish translation

C.I.R is located in Paris and offers you its expertise in French to Spanish translation in France and throughout Europe.

Whether you are a professional, an association or a community, we will make sure that we meet all your requirements.

A professional and experienced team at your service

To guarantee your business development in a multicultural environment, choose our translation agency to translate your documents or other technical platforms from French into Spanish or vice versa. Our team of qualified and experienced translators will study your needs and provide you with tailor-made solutions. Our customers renew their trust in us thanks to our skills, our reliability, our reactivity, our flexibility, our professionalism and our competitiveness.

Trained and serious interpreters are also available for your conferences.

Professional translators in Paris
Specialists in translation and interpretation since 1930 


Our different fields of expertise

Professional translators in Paris

We work in various industries: commercial, marketing, economic, legal, financial, medical, instructions for use, patents, cosmetics, luxury products, literature, history, art, nutrition, information technology, new technology, etc. You can trust us regardless of the complexity and technicality of your documents.

Our teams are bound by professional secrecy.

To better meet your needs, we also offer language adaptation services in other languages and cultures such as: English, German, Arabic, Portuguese, Arabic, Dutch…

Enjoy quality work, carried out within the agreed deadlines

Our strengths:

  • 88 years of experience
  • Translation based on terminological research
  • Professional, reliable and experienced translators
  • Bound by professional secrecy

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