French to Portuguese translation

The C.I.R agency is located in Paris and is highly reputed in France and throughout Europe in the French to Portuguese translation field.

We provide you with solutions that meet your needs, whether you are a large company, an association, a community or any other individual.

You can trust our qualified translators

We translate your documents from French into Portuguese; you can rely on us for our quality services. We cover everything from technical and IT translations to certified translations. We can intervene in various sectors such as: sales, marketing, economics, law, finance, medical, nutrition, media, instructions for use, patents, cosmetics, luxury products, literature, history, art, new technologies. We also translate into the native language.

French to Portuguese translation in Paris
We will be able to handle all your requests, even the most complex ones. 


An experienced company at your service

French to Portuguese translation in Paris

Our company was founded in 1930 and has been in business for three generations, without being sold out to someone else.

We assemble a competent, reliable and available team of translators to process your documents quickly, regardless of their value and complexity. Our team is bound by professional secrecy, we therefore maintain absolute confidentiality of all client-related information. We are well versed in what needs to be mastered and carefully identify the most appropriate terminology for each domain. We also translate into other languages such as: English, German, Arabic, Spanish, Dutch, Mandarin, etc.


Get an accurate and meaningful translation no matter your field of activity and whatever the platform.

Discover our other areas of expertise:

  • Simultaneous or consecutive interpretation
  • Rental of equipment for events with technical assistance
  • Audiovisual: website creation and brochure design
  • Photography Service: Pack Shot, Look Book and Fashion photo shoots
  • Layout services: Word, Excel, PowerPoint

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