French to German translation

The C.I.R agency is located in Paris and handles the translation of your documents from French into German or vice versa.

We have been providing translation services to professionals, large companies, associations and local authorities in France and throughout Europe since 1930.

Professional translators at your service

We are well known for translating documents into every language. We intervene in a variety of fields: sales, marketing, economics, law, finance, medical, media, instructions for use, patents, cosmetics, luxury products, literature, history, art, nutrition, information technology, new technology, etc. We follow a meticulous and reliable methodology translation process.

We also master other languages such as: English, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Mandarin, Polish and Greek..

French to German translation services in Paris
Regardless of the complexity and technicality of your documents, we will make sure to meet your expectations.


Quality services

French to German translation

Our family business has over 88 years of experience in the areas of written translation, interpretation and adaptation. Teams of specialised translators are quickly assembled and made operational to complete your major French to German translation projects within the agreed time. Follow the example of our clients who have become our most distinguished partners and trust in our expertise, reliability, reactivity, flexibility and competitiveness.

Our teams always operate in strict observance of professional secrecy because we know the value of the documents entrusted to us.

Our teams of translators are quickly assembled and work together to meet your requirements.

Our other services:

  • Simultaneous or consecutive interpretation
  • Rental of technical equipment
  • Technical support for translation and sound equipment
  • Audiovisual: website creation and brochure design
  • Comprehensive photography services
  • Layout services: Word, Excel, PowerPoint

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